The Feyerlin Five

Faells Journal part 1

The musings and journal of a one Faell LeVene, Bard extraordinaire, and the travels of The Duke’s Men.

Day 1 of this year of that time.
So i met myself a group of crazy folks today in work for the duke. There’s this monk, a ministel i believe he claimed. A chosen one, so he says. Went on about this stuff called dragon salt—but he seemed pretty frantic, probably because he’s so used to being cloistered. He was with a gnome ‘friend’ of his named Herlath. They apparently know the duke, as they have lived next to his castle for quite some time. I think I’ve seen them around before. Then, there’s Sajan, he’s a Magus. Lost his whole family due to a freak accident—such a shame—I wonder what it’s like to have a family…even if you lose it? Then there was Deveraux, almost as small as Herlath! He’s a Halfling, and a sly one at that. Some times I swear i’d turn to grab his attention and he wasn’t there. I can’t tell if it’s becase he’s so small or just sneaky.

A few hours after our journey started we came to a halt, this wasn’t exactly planned—this is some rough area. We were having such a grand old time chatting and getting to know one another on this horridly bumpy road.
Turns out it was a goblin raid on our caravan. We swiftly defeated them, and I made us a new friend—A goblin named Facebeefdip, face for short. We learned Skullface was their leader(I’m assuming it was quickly named because his face was ripped off mid battle). He was able to tell us there are a few major goblinoid clans around here and he did not belong to one. We have him skullface’s sword which appeared to be magical but we’re not sure how, and a potion of some sort that was used multiple times by skullface that gave him “ideas.” Face seems to trust me, he swore fealty, and doesn’t seem to mind Deveraux. Sajan was not very fond of having a goblin follower, but Sajan seems to be a tad bit of a grumpy gus at times, so I don’t think he’s fond of much besides his Magusing. Caesare and Herlath don’t seem to mind him as much.
We lost our wagon and horses so we’ve been travelling on foot. Toward the end of the day we finally caught up to our horse…the one that got away and there’s not much left of it. Something with some big ass teeth was eating it. After some post haste moving we made it to the Lake, and I let Sajan examine the sword again after feeling it was rather warm to the touch. He said he’s going to take some time to figure out what it was. I spent some time trying to make a makeshift sheath for it.
Day 2
Upon arrvival of the morning, Sajan let me know what the sword did. It was a sword of embers, and upon saying the elven word for fire it would burst into flames. He does not seem to like Face, or trust him, and after hours of arguing we had to work out an arrangement to keep Face from having the sword while still holding his trust in us(or me). It started to rain, which I think just fouled everyone’s mood a bit.
Upon some traveling we came across a river and refilled our water skins. We ran into a allacrocomadile and decided to assault it—for luncheon meat. Sajan did his typical law abiding dick move and cast color spray on both the beast and Face. Luckily Caesare came to his rescue and got him out of the water. After a while C and H ran off somewhere. Me, S, and F continued on toward Ravenwood. After a little while in this creepy ass forest it got really scary and dark and i’m freaking out. I mean theres fucking ghosts and goblins and goblin ghosts and oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck they’re going to get me..i cant believe it…i…i killed them what the <mindless>
Day 3
Ok…it was just a nightmare. Face seems to know where we are..we’re following him…but we’re not sure which way we’re going…we just reached a large lake.
We made it out of the woods HAPPY FUCKING DAY.
And now we’re planning on going back in. We are not smart men.
We camped out and everything was going fine until we woke to face trying to steal Sajan’s ember sword. I am not one for betraying friends, so I provided the punishment I saw fit. Sajan has entrusted me with the sword in his stead, for protecting. And so ends the reign of FaceBeefDip.
We continued on the river. Got lost. Tried a different direction. Got lost. Tried Again.
Day 4
Found Ravenwood yaaaay. It’s smallish…and well worn. I don’t think a stiff wind would blow it over, but the town has been here quite some time. There are no guards posted.
We met Guard Bran, he told us of a sickness that had stricken the town and that they had sent for help months ago. Nearly half or more of a dozen have been taken from it, and more than a half dozen are sick. He showed us where the drunken gnoll was. Had to remind Sajan of our meeting with Grep.
Met the barkeep, told him grepp was my half brother. He showed us Grepps room, which was trashed. Said he hasn’t heard from Grepp in quite some time, about 3-5 days, he is unsure. After looking through his room Sajan and I were able to come across some maps of the town, the sewers, the forests and the region. There were notes on towns folk, and a lot of random scribbles and codes. Unsure of what these are. We also found a journal written in a cipher, as well as a magical cloak that is black on one side and gold on the other. We still haven’t fully figured out what the potion does, but Sajan was going to research it a little bit more.
Day 5
Casesare showed back up this morning. He was pretty well starved and dehydrated so we got him some food asap. Still not sure what happened to Herlath. After that we went to the Mayor’s too speak to him. He apparently has some debilitating disease that is just so coincidentally not the sickness..but is killing him. Yeah, right, we believe that. We also found out it was not our esteemed Duke who they asked for help, but the other Duke of Feyerlin—oooh political intrigue. I wonder if there’s going to be an assassination?

After speaking to him, and finding out he’s about as much help as Sajan on a jewel heist we decided to question the Alchemist who he said had been helping the town with a cure. He, was also about as useful as Sajan during a roberry, but was even more of a dick. He didn’t bother to look at us during the whole conversation and continually prattled and chirped; unsure if he was scared or just irritating.
The only useful thing we found out is that the town’s butcher Finn apparently hates the town, and is quite vocal about it. So while Sajan was busy researching the journals and maps we find Caesare and I went to discuss this with Finn. I’m not sure what it is with these town folk, but they’re either really sad and depressed, or just huge assholes. There’s no middle ground. Finn was not happy we were “poking” around and “accusing” him. So we when he left post haste I took advantage that Sajan was not around and broke in to Finn’s house post haste. We weren’t able to find anything incriminating other than he had quite a bit more money than a Butcher normally does. Caesare bumbled about, but due to some quick thinking I was able to convince the town guard Caesare and I happened by during a roberry and we both played the saviours. Hopefully when this news is passed along to Finn, he nicen’s up.
Dusk started to approach so we headed back to the Gnoll to meet up with Sajan. We let him know what we found out and he clued us in on what he learned from Grepp’s notes. Basically, we’re not to trust the water or food, and he was looking into Gavin the town hunter when he dissappeared. We decided to take our meal in the room that night so we could discus our next steps a little more privately and found a note from “Grepp” under our door claiming that he wanted to meet us. After some inspection we were able to determine that it was not Grepp’s handwriting—or if it was it was under duress. SO we set up a..
[4:02:12 PM] Robert Richardson: journal

The Dukes orders
The Duke

It has been several months since have have heard anything from my contact in Ravenwood. And more strange yet is not a single caravan has from from there in at least two trade cycles.

I fear something terrible may have happened. I want you to go to the town of Ravenwood and investigate, then report back when you find out whats happened. If the town is indeed in trouble. I ask that you lend ny aid that you can, you will be paid well for your trouble. MY contact is staying in the Drunken Gnoll Taven, ask for Grep, and show him this letter, he has vital information I need. A carriage will be waiting by the docs tomorrow morning, it will take you to Ravenwood. Tell no one where you are going……


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